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The Pups

We have puppies available from Shade and Drago. Hurry, we looking for good homes for them. If you are interested or need more information, please contact Cherry.   CONTACT CHERRY


Nelson - 22.11.2003

A lively, handsome boy, who has forgotten to grow up! He was our first Groenie and we have never looked back! Nelson loves to work and does so with great enthusiasm….   READ MORE ABOUT NELSON

Chelsea - 13.03.2006

Chelsea is a bundle of energy, always busy “helping”, whether it be in the garden, around the house or in the workshop. If something is missing, she probably has it!….   READ MORE ABOUT CHELSEA

Drago - 31.03.2013

Our import from Sweden. Drago is our Stud Dog, and he has qualified as a Breed Champion. He is working towards Obedience competitions. A stunning lad, very gentle and kind….   READ MORE ABOUT DRAGO

Shenel - 19.08.2004

Our dainty, little ballerina, Shenel is such a close companion that it almost appears she is stuck to us with Velcro! Her movement is superb and she loves to please. She has had four litters….   READ MORE ABOUT SHENEL

Woopie - 28.04.2011

Whoopie , also a Breed Champion, loves the whole world and seems to think that everyone is her friend! She is a very gentle soul, with a lot of growing up to do….   READ MORE ABOUT WOOPIE

Shade - 28.04.2009

Shade was the first pup we kept from our own breeding and she has done exceptionally well. Shade has very strong mothering instincts. She is an outgoing and very confident girl…   READ MORE ABOUT SHADE

Holly - 17.12.2006

Holly is our gentle giant who will spend hours lapping up all the love and pats she can. In her world, she is at her happiest close by, on the couch or lying in the sun…   READ MORE ABOUT HOLLY

Lexis - 09.10.2014

Lexis, the baby of the family is from Shade and Drago. She is bright as a button and full of energy. She does very well in the Breed ring and has a total of 5 cc points….   READ MORE ABOUT LEXIS

Will a Groenendael suit you?

Before buying a Groenie you need to establish whether this is the right breed for you. As a result of their intelligence they need to have boundaries set in place early in life. Once something is learned – good or bad – it is hard to change the behaviour.... read more